Academic Integrity

In an academic community such as CBS, the honesty and integrity of every member of the community is of utmost importance. This standard of integrity, which is applicable to every area of life, is also vital in academic matters. Plagiarism and cheating are examples of infractions which will not be condoned or tolerated at CBS.

Plagiarism is defined as "passing off as one's own the ideas, writings, or opinions of another." Plagiarism is academically dishonest and is contrary to the biblical standards of truthfulness and respect for the property of others. Any course work involving plagiarism will be graded as zero without any resubmission permitted. In light of confusion regarding the forms of plagiarism, the topic is more extensively treated in the Research Methods course required of all incoming students. Articles demonstrating the detection and avoidance of plagiarism are also available in the seminary library.

Cheating on tests, quizzes, or homework is a second type of academic dishonesty. Like plagiarism, cheating violates the biblical prohibition of lying and stealing. Any work on which a student is caught cheating will receive a grade of zero.

In each case of cheating or plagiarism the dean will be notified of the matter. A repeated instance of academic dishonesty on the part of a CBS student will result in disciplinary action.