2013-1014 Academic Year


Price comparison with other seminaries.  (Data from seminary websites 2013.  Does not include fees.) 

MDiv, MA (TS), MACM $295
Certificate, Special (non-matriculating student)  $295
ThM, DMin $525


Administrative fee
Students taking four or more credits per semester
Students taking less than four credits per semester
Resource Fee (per credit hour) $10.00
Online Fee (per class - for online students only) $150.00
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During the first two weeks of each semester and during the first day of any one-week course, course adjustments may be made following approval of a lighter or heavier course load. During this period, ninety percent of any tuition adjustment may be refunded (or credited toward monthly payments). Tuition refund rates are pro-rated after that point as indicated by the dates on the seminary calendar. Course changes or withdrawal from school following the second week (for semester-long courses) are eligible for the pro-rated refund rate; withdrawals from week-long courses following the first day are not eligible for refunds. Fees are not refundable.

Students receiving Title IV financial aid should refer to the Financial Aid section for details of Title IV reimbursement processes.