International students

International students must use  PDF Application form to apply. Note: For applicants to Calvary's Doctor of Ministry program, no new I-20s are currently being granted.

Additional requirements

Non-US citizens (non-resident aliens) applying under F-1 status must supply additional materials, which must all be provided in English: (1) the completed "International Students" section of the seminary application; (2) completed I-134 forms for all sponsors with accompanying documentation and/or any bank statements in the applicant's name from the previous six months; (3) all previous I-20s; (4) for the applicant and any dependent, clear photocopies of all I-94s, passports, and visas; and (5) a TOEFL score (applicants who have completed a previous degree in an English-speaking country may indicate their desire to apply without completing the TOEFL, although the seminary may still request a passing TOEFL score).

TOEFL scores

TOEFL scores are required for each applicant whose first language is a language other than English. If the applicant has completed a post-secondary degree in an English-speaking institution, the Admissions Committee may choose to waive the TOEFL requirement. All degree programs at Calvary require that applicants taking the TOEFL achieve a minimum score of 85 iBT, with a minimum of 18 in each section, 213 computer-based, or 550 paper-based. Applicants are responsible for making their own arrangements for this examination by contacting the Educational Testing Service, Box 955, Princeton, NJ 08540, (877) 863-3546, Calvary Baptist Theological Seminary's code number with Educational Testing Service is #2153. Educational Testing Service should send the results directly to the seminary; scores will not be accepted directly from the applicant.

Maintaining legal status

Non-immigrant aliens attending Calvary Baptist Theological Seminary must stay informed of and fulfill the responsibilities entailed by the limitations and conditions of their visa status. Not all visas carry the privileges of enrollment in a degree program, and visas which do permit enrollment have restrictions and conditions. In compliance with federal law, the seminary must report violations of visa status to the appropriate governing federal agency.

F-1 students must be careful to maintain their status by avoiding the following:

  1. Earning money in the United States economy outside of school-approved work scholarships or financial distress work arrangements.
  2. Dropping below the required credit load.·
  3. Failing to properly register each semester or transfer properly.
  4. Not informing the seminary of a change in contact information (address or phone number).

Students are responsible to be aware of any additional status violations applicable to their visa class beyond those mentioned here.

Master of Divinity students on F-1 visas must take twelve credits per semester in order to stay in status. Master of Theology students on F-1 visas must take six credits per summer-fall or interterm-spring. Doctor of Ministry students on F-1 visas must take eight credits per calendar year or be engaged in full-time dissertation research on a two-year dissertation-completion track. See the D.Min or Th.M. handbooks for further information on maintaining status during the thesis or dissertation stages.

Legal counsel

Calvary Baptist Seminary does not provide legal counsel. International students are encouraged to consult with a lawyer before making any decision that may affect their status.