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Graduates of Christian colleges and universities whose undergraduate degree included a biblical, theological, or ministry emphasis may qualify for Advanced Standing. The benefits of advanced standing include:

  • Up to one-sixth of a degree program can be earned through advanced standing (16 credit hours toward the MDiv and 6 credit hours toward the MA(TS) and MACM).
  • Advanced standing may be granted for biblical language classes, Bible classes, and ministry-related classes.
  • Students have one year from the date they enroll to apply for advanced standing credit.

See the official policy for advanced standing below or email the This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information. Download the Application for Advanced Standing.

Advanced Standing Policy

New students may apply for advanced standing credit when their undergraduate degree is related to one of following degree programs at Calvary: the Master of Arts (Theological Studies), Master of Arts in Christian Ministry, and Master of Divinity. Students who wish to apply for advanced standing credit must submit to the registrar an Application for Advanced Standing. Applications can be obtained from the This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

  1. Students have one calendar year from the date of matriculation to apply for advanced standing.
  2. Only credits earned at a regionally accredited institution or other institutions pre-approved by CBS are eligible for advanced standing.
  3. Course credits for advanced standing must have been earned within the last five years prior to matriculating at CBS.
  4. A minimum grade of “B” is required for a course to be eligible for advanced standing.
  5. Calvary limits advanced standing credits to one-sixth of the graduate degree program (Master of Divinity: 16 hours; Master of Arts (Theological Studies) and Master of Arts in Christian Ministry: 6 hours.
  6. The number of credits awarded will not exceed the credit hours for the CBS course.
  7. Advanced standing cannot be granted for similar courses that have been taken at CBS.
  8. No course work accepted by transfer credit is eligible for advanced standing.
  9. Advanced standing will not be granted for the four required CBS courses in systematic theology.
  10. All students must take at least one course in each of the following departments at CBS: New Testament, Old Testament, and either Pastoral Care and Counseling, or Pastoral Theology.
  11. All students who wish to transfer credits are required to fulfill the minimum residence of a CBS degree program. CBS distance education classes do not qualify as resident classes.
    • Minimum residence requirements for M.A.(T.S.) and M.A.C.M.: 18 hours.
    • Minimum residence requirement for M.Div.: 48 credit hours.
  12. Advanced standing credit will appear on the Calvary transcript, but the grade for the course(s) will not be included in the cumulative grade point average.
  13. Advanced standing credits are assessed in one of two ways.
    • First, credit may be given for undergraduate courses in biblical languages classes. These are assessed using an examination. Exams will be offered one-week before each semester begins. For the exact date, refer to the academic calendar. Please contact the seminary administrative assistant for the time and location. A non-refundable fee of $50 is required and will be added to the student’s bill.
    • Second, credit may be granted without requiring an exam. The undergraduate courses will be assessed by the CBS faculty. This assessment is based on an evaluation of the course syllabus and at least one major requirement of the student’s work to determine whether it demonstrates that he/she has attained the knowledge, competence, and skills that a student would normally achieve in a similar CBS course (e.g., research paper, final exam). An interview may be required.
  14. Advanced standing will not be awarded until the applicant has been approved and has registered for classes.