Online and DVD Courses

Earn up to half of your degree through off-campus study

Many of Calvary's courses are available to students in two standard modes of non-resident delivery: online and recorded DVD. M.A. and M.Div. students may earn up to just under half of their degree through these forms of non-resident studies.  It is possible for M.A. students to complete their entire 36-credit program without relocating to Lansdale by combining one-week on-campus modular courses with online or DVD courses.

Online Courses

sakaiCalvary is in its second year of offering courses online. Courses are delivered using the Learning Management System, Sakai (pronounced "sa-KAI"), a widely-adopted online collaboration and learning environment used by many of the world's leading universities. The courses keep pace with the on-campus versions of the same classes, and online students are required to meet the same deadlines as their residential counterparts. Online students are required to attend class via the live interactive webcast or to watch the weekly residential lectures on a podcast. To get register for one of these courses, contact the seminary office.

DVD Courses

Since receiving permission in 1995 from the State of Pennsylvania to begin offerings courses by video, students have taken thousands of courses by videotape or DVD. Courses are professionally recorded and edited and are recorded in the classroom, providing students a more dynamic learning experience by recording student-teacher interaction.  Course work is nearly identical to the work required by resident students, and student work is graded by seminary professors and held to the same high level of rigor expected of the seminary's resident students.