To God Be The Glory

As of May 16, 2014, Calvary Baptist Seminary has ceased as a teaching institution.

We praise the Lord for what He has done and thank Him that from 558 alumni, many are serving Him in thirty-nine states, fifteen countries, and six continents around the world. From our hearts we can say, "To God Be The Glory, Great Things He Has Done!"

Transcripts and Contact Information

The seminary staff is in the process of reviewing student transcripts. Once that process is complete, we will be mailing our alumni (i) two or three official transcripts and (ii) a letter informing them where student records will be archived and how to access those records.

If you are a former student and have moved recently or have been out of touch for a while, please contact the seminary office ( to update your mailing information.

The Seminary Office will be staffed until May 31, 2015. For inquiries or student assistance, you may call (215)368-7538 ext 101, or email the office or dean